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Anonymous asked: i think people are more interested in your dicks then your music :/ l o l

that’s the dream :’)

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Anonymous asked: the strokes or tame impala?

both ace for different reasons 
but I guess atm I’d go for Tame cause i’ve been listening to them more recently 

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Anonymous asked: how do you know james has the biggest dick? how long is it

whoa one time I saw him in the shower and he was using it to wash his under arms 

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Swan in Moscow.

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Anonymous asked: what's your address in Melbourne?

123 fake street 

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Anonymous asked: do u work out

just workin’ on cool tunez mudda fucka hell yea
But for reals no, we’re all real skinny and not athletic 
I get cramps in my legs playing shows over 30 mins lol

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Anonymous asked: who has the biggest dick


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Anonymous asked: who's the sexiest

Annie :) lolol send her lame messages asking her to do her impression of the dude from Cake Boss hehehe

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It’s a Jungle Out There.
Illustration by Natasha Durley for Wrap magazine.
Found here.

Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."