SLC Punk! (1998)
languishh asked:
sory to keep asking you questions ahh i only just found your tumblr anyway tho the show in melb on the 23rd???? is that of sep?? pls no cause im away ))):

yoooo we’re playing at revolver on the 19th of september weowwwww

languishh asked:
do you and all deezy hang out bc ur like my faves and thatd be so chill

We wishhhhh
he’s a super nice guy though legitĀ 

Anonymous asked:
What are some bands or music you guys like?

I guess a lotta rock/punky stuff like wavves fidlar ty segall dune rats and also some soft indie tunes like twin peaks mac demarco n shit ay

Anonymous asked:
bryce!!!! are you going to be doing another podcast???

Haha maybe soooooon if me and James weren’t so lazy

Freud and the Suicidal Vampires - Don’t Let Me Ruin This

Anonymous asked:
do they have tumblrs?

i’m not sure
I don’t think so
They both have facebooks though so check out their sweet tunez thereĀ 

Anonymous asked:
who's supporting your OAF show?

Hunch and Chicks Who Love Guns WEOWWWWW