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Anonymous asked: Are you guys going to splendour???

maybe, the lineup isn’t SUPER appealing but just maybe ;)

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Anonymous asked: are you google ? .... because your everything i'm searching for. ;)

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Anonymous asked: do ya root ?

we root ay

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kin-wa asked: agree so much with rose, listened to you guys on repeat last night and wanted to cry that gig was literally the best day of my life, can't wait for the next one!! xx

awwwwwwww wayyyyy to nice!
<3 <3 <3

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Kurt Cobain dancing to Sonic Youth


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forgetitdadlifesarisk asked: What are your thoughts on arctic monkeys and in particular Alex Turner?

So’s the rest, but that’s been a fav of mine for a long time 
AM is real good too, super sexyyy
ummmm tbh from watching a couple videos of him doing interviews and stuff he doesn’t seem very modest but I guess when you’re that well known and respected being naive of your talent and success is silly 
fantastic song writer and has a classic rock ‘n’ roll attitude 10/10 lawl

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Anonymous asked: i was your 10th follower on spotify yewwwwwwwwww


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g--laze asked: MY FRIEND TOLD ME SOMEONE ASKED A QUESTION ABOUT ME so i scrolled the whole way down to find it! thats so crazy! im freaking out! also i have after show depression. would do anything to see that concert again. life highlight. missing it

Chyeaaaaaaaaaaa got a total admirer Rose yewww!
same same same same, fingerz crossed we get to play something that fun in melby again real soon :) :) :)

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Tame Impala.